Perfect for large classes, auditions, banquets, performances and wedding receptions, this room is supported by both natural and adjustable dim lighting. 

Our wooden floors are sanded and polished for the maximum gliding effect, as if you were floating on air itself. Full length mirrors line two of the walls, and ample seating and tables are arranged for your viewing and relaxing pleasure. Other amenities included within this room is a cozy teacher's lounge equipped with lockers, and a dressing room for both students and teachers, with full length mirrors and beauty accessories.

Amenities: Air Conditioning, Ample Lighting, Floating Wooden Floors, Full Length Mirrors, High Powered Cooling Fans, Multiple Bathrooms, Coffee/Tea Machine, Water Dispensers, Portable Ballet Bars, Plenty of Seating Area, Round and Square Banquet Tables, Teacher's Lounge, Dressing Room, Natural and Adjustable Dimming Lights.

Capacity: Up to 450 people.

Dance Floor - 45 x 76 square feet
Back Seating Area - 4 x 45 square feet
Side Seating Area - 4 x 76 square feet
Performance Stage - 8.5 x 25 square feet
Total square feet: 4,500

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