How much is it to rent the halls?

Hall pricing will vary according to the hall selected, the date and the number of people in attendance.  Aside from the rental fee, a security and cleaning fee will be assessed.  Please speak to management for more information.


Which halls can I rent?

There are currently four dance halls for rental:
Hall “B” – The Side Ballroom. 1,000 square feet. Capacity: 100 people

Hall “D” – The Ballet Room.  900 square feet.  Capacity: 90 people
Hall “E” – The Banquet Room.  5,000 square feet.  Capacity: 400 people
Hall “F” – The Club Room.  4,500 square feet.  Capacity: 350 people


Would it be possible to rent the Grand Ballroom?

The Grand Ballroom is only available for special circumstances. Please contact management for more information.


What type of special events are you allowed to have?

The only events we cater are family-related: wedding receptions, retirement parties, quinceneras, sweet 16’s, baptisms, etc.  For the safety and courtesy for our neighbors, we refrain from holding any club-related events.


What amenities are included in the rentals?

All food and beverages are to be supplied by the renter.  Our larger hall rentals include the following:  round or rectangular tables, padded folding chairs, portable bar upon request, trash and drink bins, kitchen facilities (stove, microwave oven and refrigerator), air conditioning and fans.  We will also allow you flexible setup time and time to conduct dance rehearsals prior to the event as long as advanced notice and authorization is granted.  We have every other service available (decorating, catering, photography, special dances, etc.) for extra.


Is there enough parking available for my guests?

Your guests are free to park comfortably anywhere within the shopping center.  Please take note of any postings, however.  There is plenty of street parking available if space becomes limited.


I would like to rent a hall.  What are the payment/rental terms?

Hall rentals are rented on a first come, first serve basis.  A non-refundable deposit will guarantee your reservation for the specified date.  The renter can choose to pay the entire amount upfront or in installments, but must pay 50% up to 90 days before the event, and the entire balance by no more than 30 days prior to the event.  Cancellation must be made 90 days prior to the event, and there will be a $500 penalty.  Client will be charged a $25 overdraft fee if a submitted check fails to clear.


Do you offer hall discounts?

We have discounts available to repeat customers, and can be more or less flexible depending on your budget and needs.  We also provide seasonal and last minute discounts, so please speak to us for additional information!


How will we be able to set up for the event?

An employee will give you access to the facility one day prior to the event.   The renter must make special arrangements with management if the set up time extends past business hours or if time is needed the day of the event.


How Do We Get Started?

First, you will certainly want to see our facilities before going any further with your plans. You will need to make an appointment to do this by calling us at (310) 534-2340. You may also email us for an appointment at Please be advised that wedding and reception sites book up many months in advance, so please plan to visit early in your planning stages.


Who can I speak with if I have any other questions?

Please contact our team at (323) 505-2340.