Learning to dance can seem intimidating, but there is no need to worry.  Every great dancer started off as a beginner!  You’ll find our instructors have the talent, experience and sense of humor to make the dance accessible to everyone. We can’t wait to be a part of your journey to success as a dancer!  Our inviting studio and skilled instructors will have you reaching your goals and then setting them higher!


What is ballroom dance?

The term “ballroom dance” refers to a broad range of partner dances, from spicy Latin dances like cha-cha, salsa, and rumba, to the fast swing dances, to the “smooth” dances such as waltz, foxtrot, and tango. Ballroom dances fit nearly any style of music. Most of our students prefer to learn an entire range of dances in order to become a well-versed social dancer.


Do I need a dance partner?

Not at all. Group classes, private lessons, and parties are all set up for both single dancers and couples.


What dances do you teach?

Cha-Cha (Fast, Spicy Latin), Salsa (Hot Latin Club Dance), Rumba (Slow and Sensual Latin), East Coast Swing (Fun and Playful), Foxtrot (Classic and Sophisticated), Waltz (Romantic and Traditional), Tango (Bold and Unexpected), Viennese Waltz (Faster Waltz), Quickstep (Light and Bright), West Coast Swing (Slower, Bluesy Swing), Samba (Sizzling Latin Waltz), Bolero (Sultry, Soulful Latin).


What is a Friday Night Party?

Every Friday at 8:00 pm we have a group class followed by a dance party where you can practice your dance moves, socialize, and enjoy tasty food and beverages. Everyone is welcome. $10 gets you in for both the group class and the party!


What should I wear?

For classes, comfortable street clothes and leather-soled shoes will do. Some folks like to dress up for the Friday dance parties. Eventually you will want to invest in some good dance shoes, which will help your movements on the dance floor.


What if I have two left feet?

If you can walk, you can dance… really! We break the dances down into simple step patterns that are easy for anyone to accomplish. And we work with you until you get it!


I'm afraid I'll look silly.

Everyone at SBDC is in the process of learning new things. Even our instructors continue to receive training. We understand. You won’t find a friendlier environment to try something new!


Where can I go to dance?

We have parties every Friday night with music that’s perfect for practicing a variety of dances. In addition, local ballroom dances and nightclubs are great places to meet to learn and meet new people!