Welcome to South Bay Dance Center!

You are welcome to take a lesson with your instructor here at our studio!

Our Perks

  • No hassle, No stress.  We go by an honor system here. 
  • Air Conditioning during prime business hours
  • Consistently clean, floating dance floors
  • Free coffee, tea, snacks, and WIFI
  • Free use of our stereo equipment
  • We are usually open 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Central location between Orange County and Los Angeles
  • Competition-size ballroom dance floor
  • Free ballroom use for you and your professional dance partner
  • We will actively promote you on our website, social media, and beyond

Payment Method

Payments must be made the day of and placed in the payment envelope slots located on either of the ballroom office doors. Tenured instructors can pay monthly with management permission.  Please speak with one of the staff or with any one of our regular instructors for more details.