People compete for a variety of reasons.

- Do you find all those dance shows and ballroom dancing movies interesting, or experience the world of competitive ballroom firsthand?
- Do you want the confidence and ability to command attention on the dance floor?
- Are you looking for the next challenge, while adding some passion to your life?
- Do you want a way of expressing yourself through art, while maintaining or improving your level of fitness?
- Are you looking for a fun and fulfilling activity you can enjoy with your partner?

Whatever your reason, we understand that competition is the best way to motivate and train yourself to accomplish any task at hand.


People compete at different levels.  

We offer two paths:

Pro-Am: Our instructors will train you for showcases, performances, and competitions throughout the US and abroad. This is a great way to set goals in your dancing, work hard toward those goals, and achieve significant recognition along the way. Our professionals are most active on the national West Coast competitive circuit, and compete in the professional, champion, advanced, and all-star divisions. We also coach numerous students to compete at all levels.

Casual: We host periodic showcases for students wanting to create a routine and perform with their instructor or other students. We also offer opportunities to perform at dance parties and events throughout the year.  These are excellent alternatives for those who are more interested in the fitness aspect or if they want to share their interests with their friends and families.

We will design a realistic plan according to your goals and guide you through throughout this entire (and somewhat, unreal) adventure!  Are you ready for the challenge?