Intro To Group Classes

Group Classes are a wonderful option for novice dancers with an interest in a variety of Ballroom, Latin and Club dances. During the lesson, your instructor will introduce the basic rhythm followed by numerous turns and variations.   Each week will feature a different style or set of patterns, and you may join us at any point in the cycle, whenever it fits your schedule.

No partner is necessary! People will typically be asked to rotate partners in class, which not only helps you develop skills more quickly but also allows you to make friends who will help and encourage you. Nevertheless, you may stay with one partner if you choose. Please arrive early in order to register! Classes sell out, and we may cap registration to maintain a balance between leads & follows.

If you are new to dancing or need to focus on your fundamentals, intro group classes are the way to go. Classes designated with a roman numeral I, or with “Basics” or “Intro” in the title are where you want to start. All other classes have pre-requisites that you must meet before enrolling. Another good way to get started is with a private lesson. Our staff can help you decide which classes and levels are the best fit for you.


Three Types Of Classes

SERIES: This most common type of class is progressive, usually over 4-8 weeks, in which each week builds off the previous week’s material. Students should be able to commit to each class meeting. Each meeting is typically 45 minutes and starts with a quick review of the previous week’s material. New material is then introduced and builds off what has been learned. The class size can vary from 6 – 30, but most classes usually have about 10 participants.

WORKSHOPS: These are usually stand-alone sessions typically done in a single or multi-hour block, or sometimes split over multiple days.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: These can be in progressive, one-shot, or weekend-long classes and can include intensives, master classes, boot camps, retreats, seminars, and any other class that doesn’t fit into the Series or Workshops designation. Special programs will have separate pricing and registration policies.